About Whips & Co

Whips & Co is a health food mobile giving the South East Queensland region a taste of Vegan Soft Serve Deliciousness.

Think your neighbourhood Mr Whippy just a whole let healthier.  Whips & Co offers CocoWhip (Vegan Bio-fermented soft serve), Protein Smoothies, Local Coffee & Raw Treats. TheWhips & Co team uses only local Gold Coast businesses as we are proud of roots and like to support our friends and family. 

Healthy Ice cream may seem like a bit of on oxymoron but that is exactly what CocoWhip is, the corner stone product of Whips & Co. Made from Coconut Water for complete hydration, Biofermented Probiotics for gut & intestinal health, & highly nutritious superfoods for maximum performance and energy. CocoWhip™ is completely free of Dairy, Soy, Gluten & is 100% Vegan friendly. In other words it’s the best damn ice cream in the world.

Brocksays, “We wanted to push the concept of the traditional ice cream van to make people realise Desserts don’t have to be unhealthy nor does vegan food have to be bland. We’ve had involvement from heaps of friends and family, which gives the van its authenticity. From the artwork, to the van wrap and recipes we use. Everyone has added their little touches.